“Wish You Were Here” Pink FLoyd Cover By The Beautiful Sarah, Awesome – Watch It


This Girl Can Rock

Introducing the talented Sarah, guitarist and major Pink Floyd Top fan. Though we all know that nobody can perform this like our lovable bearded duo, Sarah really rocks her room with this cover of “Wish You Were Here.”

Sporting a gorgeous Telecaster Baja, Sarah hits all the proper notes with superior pitch in her voice, she is actually a rockstar!

Pink Floyd is hands down considered one of our favourite bands of all time and clearly they’re Sara’s favourite too.

Fun Fact: This was a rare case of the Pink Floyd main songwriters Roger Waters and David Gilmour mutually collaborating on a song – they rarely wrote together

“Wish You Here” is an ode to the lonesomeness all of us really feel at one stage or one other. Ironically though, Sarah’s insanely beautiful tackle the ballad in some way comforts with us warm, strong vocals, an expert track and good guitar work.

Watch Wish You Were Here cover by Sarah:

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Pink Floyd


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