This 4 Years Old Girl Plays Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” On The Drums


Hey You, Eduarda!

Meet Eduarda Henkein, only 4 years of age and right now has the best taste in music conceivable. Performing an amazing cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You,” Eduarda tears the poo out of Mason’s drum work; at the same time her dividers and room shout Barbie.

Interesting Quote: “It’s about the break-up of my first marriage, all that misery and pain and being out on the road when the woman declares over the phone that she’s fallen in love with somebody else. It’s a complete disaster, especially if you’re someone like I was. I was flotsam on the turgid seas of women’s power (laughs). Hopeless, really, I could do nothing but go fetal and weep. But the song is also partly an attempt to make connections with other people, to say that maybe if we act in consort, some of the bad feelings will go away.” – Roger Waters

From collection The Wall, “Hey You” capacities as a continuous yearning for human contact, setting individuals in edgy circumstances that require some sort of help in enthusiastic and physical structures. Allowed Eduarda can’t get a handle on the profundity and multifaceted nature of this melody at her age, however simply knowing the tune and having the sheer enthusiasm for it is sufficient to inspire us.

With master playing at simply age 4, Eduarda continues beat with one of the best drummers ever and it will fill your heart with joy.

Eduarda Henklein (4 anos) tocando Hey you…

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