She Plays Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” And Nails The Solo! – Watch It!


All She Wants Now Is A Band

To be honest, I do have a bit of a bias. Anybody who likes Pink FLoyd’s ”Comfortably Numb” will definitely land on my friends’ list. But if they make their own cover, oh boy, they’ll shoot right up there with my top 5 most favourite people.  Anyway, this rock girl has wonderful picking however the solo really got to me. It’s no easy piece, by the way. Sure, she manages to make it seem like it’s a piece of cake however David Gilmour will tell you it is not. Gotta love her killer tunes, it may not be perfect, however who cares?

Noelle dos Anjos did a brilliant job and her hard work is evident and well, it’s paying off.

Fun Fact: Roger Waters wrote the lyrics. Whereas many people thought the track was about drugs, Waters claims it isn’t. The lyrics are about what he felt like as a kid when he was sick with a fever. As an grownup, he got that feeling once more typically, entering a state of delirium, the place he felt detached from actuality. He informed Mojo magazine that the lines, “When I was a child I had a fever/My fingers felt just like two balloons” were autobiographical

Watch: Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb Guitar Cover (by Noelle dos Anjos)

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