Watch, Pink Floyd’s “Hey You!” Cover by Bobaflex – It Is Amazing!


Bobaflex as all the time have been on top of their game. Even when there was a slight technical malfunction during the playing of ‘I am Glad You’re Dead’, they worked their way by means of it just nice and proved why they’re one of the best and hardest working touring bands round.

Interesting Quote: “It’s about the break-up of my first marriage, all that misery and pain and being out on the road when the woman declares over the phone that she’s fallen in love with somebody else. It’s a complete disaster, especially if you’re someone like I was. I was flotsam on the turgid seas of women’s power (laughs). Hopeless, really, I could do nothing but go fetal and weep. But the song is also partly an attempt to make connections with other people, to say that maybe if we act in consort, some of the bad feelings will go away.” – Roger Waters

The quintet laid out quite a lot of their older hits just like the aforementioned ‘I’m Glad You’re Dead’ and ‘Losing My Mind’ as well as ‘Chemical Valley’, ‘Bury Me With My Guns On’ and a number of others. In addition they sang a couple from their latest compilation “Hey You” together with the title song which is a cover of the Pink Floyd monster hit.

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Pink Floyd


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