Watch Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” Cover by Alexa Melo – It’s Just Too Good For Words!


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Alexa Melo released her very spectacular self-titled debut album back in June 2016, and now, the 20 year-old is back with a daring cover of Pink Floyd’s classic “Breathe”. Transforming the original tracks martial beat to one thing a hell of a lot sexier, Melo gives the track the Peggy Lee treatment to good impact. It’s one of many smartest non-metal covers of a metal track to come along in ages.

Fan Fact: The authorship and composition of this song is credited to David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Roger Waters for the music, and Waters for the lyrics. Dark Side, admitted the latter, “is a little adolescent and naïve in its preoccupations, but I’m not belittling it. It’s like a rather wonderful, naïve painting. ‘Breathe in the air / Don’t be afraid to care’ – that’s the opening couplet. Well, yeah, I can cop that, but it’s kind of simplistic stuff. (Wikipedia)

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