Watch Her “Comfortably Numb” Cover Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


Watch her Acoustic cover Of Comfortably Numb will blow your mind away!

Pink Floyd’s smash hit Comfortably Numb is often considered one of the greatest guitar driven songs of all time. There actually are not many other songs that come close to it. The genius behind it, David Gilmour, is undoubtably one of many greatest guitarists of all time. He was, is, and always will probably be one of the most influential musicians in historical past. So with all of these accolades mentioned, it would appear as if David Gilmour’s game is a man’s game, or so you’d suppose…

Pink Floyd‘s iconic hit Comfortably Numb is a timeless rock song that has essentially reshaped and reimagined classic rock guitar improvisation as we all know it. Actually, for the reason that track’s release, there are solely a hand-full of songs that come close. It’s a track that has damaged barriers and finally set an unspoken standard for all rock musicians. The masterpiece behind the guitar of this piece, David Gilmour set the bar VERY excessive when he first played this piece.

The truth that it took Gilmour 5 or 6 tries to get it the best way he wished it to be heard makes Sylwia Lizak’s rendition all that much more spectacular. We can’t imagine the hours she put into perfecting that solo, however we do know that the effort and time undoubtedly paid off!

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