Watch Her Amazing “Green Is The Colour” Cover of Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd have dug deep into their vaults for The Early Years 1965 – 1972, a massive upcoming box set that unearths audio and video from their earliest days with frontman Syd Barrett by proper earlier than their commercial breakthrough with Dark Side of the Moon. One of many many fascinating eras documented within the box set is the period directly after they parted ways with Barrett, round once they recorded the soundtrack to the art-house flick More.

The creative process behind scoring More was unique for the band. “[More filmmaker Barbet Schroeder] did not want a soundtrack to go behind the music,” Roger Waters once said, according to author Mark Blake’s band bio Comfortably Numb. “He wanted it literally. So if the radio was switched on within the car for example, he wanted something to come out of the car. He wanted it to relate to exactly what was happening within the movie. I was sitting at the side of the studio writing lyrics while we were putting down the backing tracks. It was only a question of writing eight or 9 instrumentals.”

Watch Kimberannie’s Amazing “Green Is The Colour” Cover of Pink Floyd

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