Watch: David Gilmour Opens Up About Learning Guitar – He Says: “I Owe It All To This One Item”


The Master’s Secret Revealed

Every great guitarist, even the legendary David Gilmour, starts somewhere. It’s hard to imagine the legendary David Gilmour actually learning guitar rather than just shredding away like the master he is, but even David Gilmour is human and had to receive instruction on how to actually play guitar.

Many great guitarists learned their craft in different ways. Some took lessons, some are self-taught, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, we’re glad that those guitarists stuck with it throughout all those years. What may so surprise you, though, is just how David Gilmour learned his craft.

In an interview with BBC, David Gilmour revealed that it was a gift from his parents that taught him how to play a guitar, and no, it wasn’t a guitar. David recalls this being one of the most essential things in his possession that gave him his iconic playing ability!

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