Watch, 9 Year Old Boy’s Amazing “Pigs On The Wing” Cover – He Is Future Of The Music!


4 year old Gavin O’Brien is a self taught musician, starting just two short years ago when picking up a guitar as a prop for a stage performance as a 12 year old Elvis Presley Tribute Artist!

At the time he had no idea how to play, however he carried that guitar with him everywhere. Since, his passion for music and learning multiple intruments has grown into something very special. Gavin still has love for the King of Rock n Roll, but dreams of someday becoming an artist with his very own sound! Along Gavin’s journey of finding where he belongs, in the music world, he has stumbled across many of the greats!

In this video Gavin is doing his rendition of the song “Pigs On The Wing” from another of his all time favorites Pink Floyd!! This kids heart beats with sound of music!!! Hopefully it will continue to lead him to what can only be an amazing future ahead!!

Keep your eye on this one! He is a shooting STAR!!

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Pink Floyd


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