Watch Nightwish Covered Pink Floyd’s “High hopes”, And It Was Spectacular


Nightwish Doesn’t Get Much More Rockstar Than This

What’s more rock and roll than paying tribute to one of the most influential bands of the 20th century with their biggest song, in the middle of a rainstorm? If you are Nightwish, nothing. It seems like the stars were perfectly aligned launched into a cover of Pink Floyd’s classic “High Hopes”. Now, it has been covered by Nightwish.

For the very first time in Nightwish history, thousands of rainsoaked concert goers had the immense pleasure and privilege of saying that they were there to see Nightwish perform ‘High Hopes’ live, a song known for its complexities and for the massive creative genius that went into writing and recording it.

Check out this amazing fan shot video of one of Nightwish’s biggest moments – and one of the best tributes to Pink Floyd we have ever seen!

Watch Pink Floyd’s High Hopes Cover by Nightwish:

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