Watch Incredible Cover Of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”


Yep, Gave Me Goosebumps

That was electrifying! It’s precisely the same really feel as David Gilmour. It’s nearly unreal and arguably the perfect cover I have seen up to now. It’s not simple making an attempt to emulate Gilmour in an try and recreate one of many best guitar solos within the historical past of music.

Fun Fact: Roger Waters wrote the lyrics. Whereas many people thought the track was about drugs, Waters claims it isn’t. The lyrics are about what he felt like as a kid when he was sick with a fever. As an grownup, he got that feeling once more typically, entering a state of delirium, the place he felt detached from actuality. He informed Mojo magazine that the lines, “When I was a child I had a fever/My fingers felt just like two balloons” were autobiographical.

Which is why The Novelists Band tackle this Pink Floyd classic is hands-down spectacular. The solo was spot-on and I guess it should make Gilmour proud. They’ve a lot feeling and he completely killed the tone. The bends and phrasing are each excellent. This left me speechless for the first few seconds. It is simply insane how much talent he has in his fingers. You in all probability won’t see another cover performed with this stage of perfection. Wow!

Watch Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb Cover by The Novelist:

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