This Young Girl Sings From The Heart Which Pink Floyd’s Song “Hey You” – Watch It!


Anastasy Gurzo Puts On A Clinic!

Pink Floyd’s classic song “Hey You!” is undoubtably one the most covered ballads. Whether it being vocally or instrumentally, it is a song where if you were to cover it, you would be able showcase your amazing talents. Pink Floyd made this ever so obvious when they first played this song. Vocal-wise and guitar-wise, it is a song for the ages. All that being said, you’ve probably seen many covers of this amazing song, online. Some are good and some are bad, and some…. just some, are phenomenal! Here’s one of them.

What you’re about to watch is a young girl by the name of Anastasy Gurzo take to her guitar and perform a guitar rendition of the aforementioned hit Hey You!. All truly seems normal at first, but as soon as the solo hits, you’ll be blown away! Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself, below!

Watch Pink Floyd’s Hey You Cover by Anastasy Gurzo:

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