Roger Waters Explains The Shocking Truth Behind Him And David Gilmour’s Feud Over Legendary Song “Comfortably Numb”



Numb To The Noise

One of the best songs ever is Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” The tune’s verses were composed by the band’s bassist Roger Waters, who wrote about the feeling of being sick as a child. Notwithstanding extraordinary lyrics, the song is capped off by a spine chilling guitar solo from the considerable David Gilmour.

What many people don’t think about this treasure of a song, is that Waters and Gilmour had a slight feud over it! Waters elabrorated on the feud when he went to a British radio station.

The band created a rythm track for the song. Waters loved the initial rythm section, however, Gilmour wasn’t too fond of it. So, Gilmour rerecorded the drum track to something he was more comfortable with. When he revealed it to Waters, Waters admitted he preferred the original! Waters said that the two ended up compromising, and split the drum tracks 50/50 on the final version of the song! In fact they pretty much split everything up 50/50 on this track!

Waters then admitted that it wasn’t much of a feud, as it was a difference of opinion that ultimately ended in a compromise.

So there you have it! Look at the meeting for yourself down beneath!

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Pink Floyd


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  1. Always been a Floyd fan from day one but to be honest couldn’t stand Waters,he stood on stage tossing his hair making sure he was noticed by girls in the front row. Dave was different,he looked around the band to make sure they were fine with their performance and to smile and nod to say we got them. He was and still is the face of Pink Floyd,one if not the greatest guitar players ever. Remember Roger,theres no I in a group.

  2. You never would have even heard of Pink Floyd had it not been for Roger Waters. They would have been a flash in the 60s psychedelic scene and been broken up for to lack of success after that scene was over. His lyrics are what define that band. A simple way to view it is, what was more like the Pink Floyd you grew up with, A Delicate Sound of Thunder with David’s guitar licks but abysmal lyrics, or The Pros and Con’s of Hitchhiking with Roger’s lyrics and Eric Clapton playing lead guitar? It isn’t even really an argument when thought about that way.

    1. I think agree with what I believe you are trying to say but your analogy is off. Delicate found Of Thunder was a love PF album. I believe you wanted to say say Momentary Lapse Of Reason or Division Bell and not DSOT.

  3. Agreed! Gilmour Rules! Let’s not forget Syd, who started it all…but I will say this Waters put’s on one hell of a theatrical show…

  4. Without Roger Waters, they wouldn’t be rich, as he is the clever Virgo & without his lyrics, there would be no – Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals, or The Wall + he wrote some important early lyrics like the words in Echoes from the Meddle album, just to name a few, sure Dave is one of the world’s best guitarist 🙂

  5. Oh my Gosh where do I start? I remember listening to Pink Floyd The Wall to fall asleep. Of course others tapes would come out Momentary Lapse of Reason, Dark Side of the Moon and Echoes to name a few and not in the order they came out. Fell for their music instantly… I’ve never been to one concerts but would die at the chance to do so. Went to a Dark Side of the Moon laser show. In one word PHENOMENAL

  6. How about lets just get over it and have one humongous reunion tour after all guys its about the music and your fans. I am 62 and would love to see Pink Floyd one last time. What do you say David and Roger for old times sake. PLEASE IN TEXAS