Pink Floyd Talks Brain Damage, And It’s Different Anything You Have Ever Seen


Taken from the Interview Part II Live at Pompeii Director’s Cut, this video will demonstrate to you a helpless and affected Pink Floyd talking about their musical battles and contrasts inside and out.

We did have some really difficult times a few years ago, but we seem to have, uh, managed to avoid the things that really get people too touchy, these days. Yeah…

Gotten on camera: a seriously stoned David Gilmour shreds astounding performances to Brain Damage in the middle of individual takes of the band and you truly figure out the way the band cooperated in those days.

Fascinating Fact: Pink Floyd was the principal band to utilize a quadraphonic sound framework at their shows. Utilizing 4 distinctive channels of sound, it was an early form of encompass sound.

Considering Dark Side Of The Moon was on the outlines for a long time, notwithstanding the decisions made that were medication or liquor related in the band, these folks found real success.

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Pink Floyd


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