Pink Floyd Frontman David Gilmour Looks Back On “The Wall”


The Wall In accordance To David Gilmour

It’s one factor to learn an outline of how your favourite album was made, however one other factor solely to hear it defined by one of many key figures who wrote and recorded it! Pink Floyd’s David Gilmoursat down to debate 1979’s The Wall, the concept album that spawned a feature movie and likewise functioned as a rock opera. The Wall has gone platinum over 23 times since its release, and when it comes to albums sold is second solely to the band’s 1973 album Dark Side Of The Moon.

Comfortably Sitting At The Top – Still!

On the time of this interview, The Wall’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ has been performed 330,000 times in the USA.

He goes into detail about all of the issues we’ve questioned about – how he wrote the solos to ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Another Brick In The Wall’, the guitars he used, how these guitars had been strung – he even performs a quick snippet of the solo from the ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ solo!

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