Pink Floyd Former Frontman “Roger Waters” Criticises “Donald Trump”, Praises Celtic FC Fans

The veteran musician also ripped apart UEFA for imposing a hefty fine on Celtic FC.


British rock music legend Roger Waters, one of the founding figures of Pink Floyd back in the 1960s, has ripped apart UEFA — the European football governing body — for the imposition of a£8,616 fine on Celtic FC for their fans’ display of Palestine flags and banners during an UEFA Champions League qualifier against Hapoel Be’er Sheva at Parkhead on August 17.

The banners and the flags were in display before and during the match and this attracted the wrath of UEFA. The European football governing body mentioned that the flags were “illicit” banners under Article 16 of its disciplinary regulations.

Nevertheless, the Celtic supporters started a unique online campaign to raise funds for the people of Palestine and collected double the fine imposed on the football club by UEFA. The money was later distributed to various Palestine charities.

The fundraiser collected in excess of £100,000 in donations.

“As a peaceful way of demonstrating their disapproval of policies by the Israeli government of occupying the Palestinian territories, thousands of Celtic supporters turned up for this match and they carried Palestine flags and banners. UEFA, in their incredible imbecility, decided to fine Celtic FC for display of inappropriate images and banners,” said Roger, 73, in a video.

“So the fans banded together and came up with a ‘match the fine’ fund, which raised double the fund UEFA imposed on them and distributed it to Palestinian charities. So good on you, Celtic supporters. I’m an Arsenal fan, but this time I’m with you on this,” the vocalist-cum-bass guitarist added.

Roger, who left Pink Floyd after a fallout in the 1980s, staged a free concert in Mexico City last Saturday. He performed popular songs from the band, including Breathe, One of These Days and Brain Damage. According to El Universal, an estimated 200,000 people attended the two-hour performance.

The Comfortably Numb star also took several potshots at US Presidential candidate Donald Trump during the event.

You can Watch “Full Concert of Roger Waters at Mexico”  by click here!


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