Did You Know That This Song Written by David Gilmour?


The track “Hope” started as a tune composed by David Gilmour for his second solo collection About Face. He requested that Pete Townshend supply verses, however felt that he couldn’t identify with them, so Townshend utilized the melody rather, as “White City Fighting“, with Gilmour playing guitar, on his collection White City: A Novel. Gilmour sent the same tune to Harper, whose verses had the same impact on Gilmour. Harper utilized the outcome, “Hope”, which has a uniquely slower tempo, on this collection, with his child Nick Harper (16 years of age at the time), playing the lead guitar (not Gilmour as is frequently erroneously expressed).

A spread variant of “Hope”, with “Bad Speech” as a presentation, can be found on the collection Eternity by the Liverpudlian band Anathema, a collection that Harper additionally shows up on.

This song has 2 versions. Here is that song:

Version 1: Roy Harper:

(Click to next page for v2 and lyrics of the song)

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  1. Check out the album Unknown soldier by Roy harper (1980) gilmour cowrites 5 songs I believe and plays on the whole album. Kate Bush is also on there… this is right after the wall and in my opinion the guitarsound is very simular