Inside The Dark Heart Of Mr. Roger Waters


Roger Waters’s solo catalogue might have been eclipsed commercially by Pink Floyd’s, but you overlook it at your peril. Here are the 10 Waters solo tracks that every Floyd fan should own

Despite Pink Floyd’s colossal success in the 70s, the biggest-selling band on the planet could have walked down any city street unrecognised.

After the band’s rancorous split in the 80s, such anonymity was to prove costly to Roger Waters as he attempted to established his solo career. To the uninitiated he was just the bass player/singer; only Floyd fans appreciated his overwhelming contribution to the band.

During the 80s Waters looked forwards rather than backwards. His 1984 tour was dominated by an elaborate presentation of the whole of his solo album The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking. The tour for Radio KAOS was an even more spectacular affair. But that tour clashed with Pink Floyd’s stadium-busting return (without him), and Waters had to face uncomfortable truths about the pulling power of a name.

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