He Gives Shocking Answer About The Possibility Of Pink Floyd’s Reunion Once Again!


He Never Said “No”…

The world has all the time wondered if Pink Floyd going to ever tour once more. Many have dreamt of the likelihood, however over the past few years since their break up, the possibility retains looking slimmer and slimmer. Except for a couple of one-off shows, nobody actually knows what the longer term might hold for Pink Floyd.

In a current interview with Rolling Stone, drummer Nick Mason shared his mind on if he believes we’ll ever see the surviving members of band on stage together once again. Mason mentioned:

“I absolutely love us playing things properly. It’s not that I’ve a desperate must get out in front of any old audience playing any old thing. However I also assume it’s almost impossible as a result of if we’re going to do anything, one would want to do it properly. It’s nice maybe to do one thing for Live 8, however running a full-on Pink Floyd production, everybody would need to have a real enthusiasm for it. I can not imagine dragging Roger (Waters) and David (Gilmour) round doing it unless they underwent some extraordinary change.”– Mason mentioned.

The “extraordinary change” may not ever happen, however possibly sooner or later Roger and David will put down their pitchforks and link up for one final hoo-rah! Mason was additionally requested if he felt being mates with the 2 of them was awkward at all. He mentioned, not likely, however he feels it’s unlucky that they can’t just put aside their differences and let the past go!

“It’s not that it’s hard, really; it’s just sometimes it’s a disgrace. There’s a friendship factor to the entire thing, and it’s nice when Roger and I had a rapprochement after not talking for about seven years. It means lots to me truly, that specific friendship. I met Roger long earlier than the Pink Floyd, so I’ve known him for nicely over 50 years and it’s a disgrace in a way. It’s not even that I must get together and return on the road. It’s just pointless sometimes to assume that they will still irritate each other.”– Mason mentioned.

Though we might absolutley kill to see them on stage one final time, we agree with Mason that the one we way we’d wish to see it, is that if it had been done the right way and everybody was happy!

However hey, at the least we’ll all the time have this one-off performance they did again in 2005!

Pink Floyd Live 8 – Comfortably Numb Performance

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