10 Interesting Facts About Legendary Rock Band Pink Floyd (Part – I)


Pink Floyd were one of the most iconic rock bands of all time, and today you’re going to find out why.


10. As the legend goes, the album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is supposed to synch perfectly with the Hollywood classic ‘The Wizard of Oz’. And while the band is pretty much denied this, I’m sure it won’t stop you from trying.


9. They were one of the first bands to pioneer live surround sound. Richard Wright would quite literally use joysticks attached to an amplifier to propel the sound around the arenas.


8. Pink Floyd have always had an outer of this world sound. So it wasn’t that surprising when Russian astronauts took the album ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ up to the Mir space station in 1989, making it the first album ever to be played in space.
I can think of a far more obvious one they could of taken with them…


7. In 2010, the Royal Mail released commemorative Pink Floyd stamps in recognition of the band’s cultural legacy.


6. The emblematic inflatable pink pig, Algie, once came loose from its tethering and floated into the flightpath of Heathrow airport, causing panic among air traffic control. Pilots of commercial airlines reported seeing the helium filled porker as high as 30,000 ft.
It was later found in a field in Kent.


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Pink Floyd


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