Why I love Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, by Chris Cornell


Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell recalls the time he discovered Pink Floyd’s debut in his landlord’s record collection

Soundgarden’s original bassist Hiro Yamamoto and I used to room together. One day I looked through the record collection of the guy that owned the house. I was already aware of Pink Floyd but I’d never seen The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn before. The artwork was so unusual.

I put it on and it sounded a little like they usually did – they made sombre music; the kind of records that people who smoked too much pot listened to – but this was different. It could almost have been a British indie-rock record of the era – which would’ve been the mid-1980s.

It includes some of Pink Floyd’s best-known songs, including Astronomy Domine and Interstellar Overdrive, and every song is fantastic. It connects with me in a way that I just can’t describe, creating a very special environment that no other record can achieve. It’s more capable of removing you from wherever you are when you hear it than any other record I know.

Chiris Cornell – Man of Golden Words and Comfortably Numb Cover:

Chris Cornell – Man of Golden Words…

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