Pink Floyd Reunite: Nick Mason Reveals If Roger Waters, David Gilmour Will Rejoin


When was the last time you saw Pink Floyd coming together for an enormous show? Hard to recall, however the Pulse live performance on the Earls Court, London, on 20 October 1994, remained a mega occasion. In fact, Roger Waters wasn’t there however nonetheless. David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright had been there they usually did absolute create magic.

Is a repeat of what occurred over twenty years back, possible now? No, in no way. Unless we get the ability to resurrect Richard Wright, the famed keyboardist of Pink Floyd. Additionally, till we even have the power to convince Waters to come back for a one-off live performance and emulate the magic the perfect foursome did through the Wall Tour within the early 1980s.

Nick Mason, the drummer of the band, remains the most active member of the band at the moment, as compared to Gilmour or Waters. While Waters does a plethora of concerts around the world still, he doesn’t really mention anything about Pink Floyd. Gilmour, too, is keen on more personal space at the moment.

We did report that band might reunion for a one-off live performance, in all probability in support of Palestine, however is that really on the cards? Mason, talking to Rolling Stone magazine exclusively, did not rule that out actually.

“I always liked playing [with the band]. Maybe next year I would look to do a bit more. I absolutely love us [Pink Floyd] playing things properly. It’s not that I have a desperate need to get out in front of any old audience playing any old thing. But I also think it’s almost impossible because if we’re going to do anything, one would want to do it properly,” spoke Mason.

It’s great maybe to do one thing for Live 8, but running a full-on Pink Floyd production, everyone would need to have a real enthusiasm for it. I cannot imagine dragging Roger and David around doing it unless they underwent some extraordinary change,” the 72-year-old added.”

Mason additionally commented on the friendship amongst them has shamefully gone the mistaken approach, through the years.

It’s just sometimes it’s a shame. There’s a friendship element to the whole thing, and it’s great when Roger and I had a rapprochement after not speaking for about seven years. It means a lot to me actually, that particular friendship,” continued Mason.

I met Roger long before the band, so I’ve known him for well over 50 years and it’s a shame in a way. It’s not even that I need to get together and go back on the road. It’s just unnecessary sometimes to think that they can still irritate each other.

I think David is very happy doing the very restricted touring he’s done. The funny thing is he always starts on one level and then ends up adding more lights or more film or whatever. He worked really hard the years we did without Roger, the really big tours. And he carried that on his shoulders.

It was a hell of a lot easier for me than him. He was in front of it all. But I really respect what he did. I think he really just doesn’t want to go back there. I respect that,” Mason spoke.

Watch Comfortably Numb on Pink Floyd’s Last Reunion Live 8 Show:

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