Watch Pink Floyd’s Reunion. The last time all together



  1. 0:00 Speak to me / Breathe
  2. 5:02 Money
  3. 11:40 Wish You Were Here
  4. 16:25 Comfortably Numb


Pink Floyd Live8 2005 Roger Waters’ association with David Gilmour was so removed in the period before Pink Floyd’s praised get-together at Live 8 that Waters needed to approach coordinator Bob Geldof for his previous bandmate’s telephone number.

While Geldof had been industrious in attempting to dealer peace between the pair, he’d hit an underlying detour with Gilmour – who once alluded to a conceivable armistice as something much the same as “laying down with your ex.” Waters then mediated. Eventually, the occasion’s main goal – Live 8 was intended to bring issues to light of neediness, obligation and the AIDS emergency in creating countries – prompted one of music’s most impossible remarriages, however just for a solitary night.

“The moment was bigger than those bad feelings,” David Gilmour told the Associated Press in the days paving the way to Pink Floyd’s July 2, 2005, appearance. “Any quarrels Roger and the band have had in the past are so negligible in this setting, and if transforming for this show will center consideration, then it will be advantageous.”

Thus Pink Floyd’s exemplary period lineup – Gilmour, Nick Mason, Waters and Richard Wright – made that big appearance interestingly since a 1981 show at Earl’s Court in London and, too bad, for the last time ever.

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