Roger Waters Compares Rise of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

"National Trumpism feels a bit less insidious, but it's just as dangerous," former Pink Floyd member tells Marc Maron on 'WTF


Roger Waters compared Donald Trump’s candidacy to Adolf Hitler’s rise in Germany throughout an interview on WTF With Marc Maron.

The previous Pink Floyd bassist and host Marc Maron spoke all through the interview about class, inequality and injustice, and towards the end Waters mentioned the methods through which fascism can creep right into a society: “It was insidious in Germany within the Thirties when National Socialism came. And Nationwide Trumpism feels a bit much less insidious, nevertheless it’s just as dangerous.”

He continued: “The strategy for taking on the state and for it turning into a totalitarian police state, is all the time the same, and it is all the time the identification of ‘the opposite’ because the enemy. In Trump’s case, it is the Chinese, the Mexicans, and Islam – it would not matter who it’s. With Hitler, it was the Jews, the Communists, the Gypsies, anyone who had a physical deformity, or no matter it is likely to be, the homosexuals – they have been all lumped together.”

Waters went on to notice that a lot of latest America appears struck by a sense of defeat and financial stagnation, very similar to Germany was following World Battle I and the Treaty of Versailles. “What you’ve gotten within the States now’s everyone’s standard of living is falling, like a freefall, and likewise where the freedoms that are enshrined in your Structure and within the Bill of Rights are being slowly eroded and taken away from you,” Waters said.

Elsewhere within the interview, Waters spoke about his childhood in pre-World Battle II England and a monumental journey he took to Beirut as a teenager, throughout which he first began to change into aware of injustice and inequality. Waters additionally spoke about his set at Desert Trip, relationships with other rock legends and sprawling catalog of music.

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