Pink Floyd Icon Reveals How Feud Could End, Will They Reunite?


Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason revealed what could lead to David Gilmour and Roger Waters burying the hatchet and being friends in a new KHSE 95 interview (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar). 

“Probably a sort of an evening in a pub really. I’m not sure. There’s some deep sense of differences, particularly I think of Roger’s part of what he believes is important in music generally, I think. You can never tell, sometimes people are just going to carry on arguing for the rest of their lives, sometimes all it takes is one moment to bring it back.”

He also discussed being the only Pink Floyd member to play on every album.

“Well I’m not sure if I’m on every album, there’s probably two or three tracks that I didn’t play on for whatever reason, but yeah, it’s a nice sort of thought really. “It’s not that I felt that there should be more recognition. Actually, if there should be more recognition, it’s probably for Rick [Wright, keyboards].”

He also said calling Pink Floyd ‘trippy’ isn’t entirely accurate.

“It wouldn’t be entirely accurate because there’s a mix. We’re pointing out that it’s really not just the two albums; it’s really all the albums just before [1973’s] ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’

Yes, there’s a what you would call a trippy element, but something, something like [1967’s] ‘Piper [at the Gates of Dawn]’ – the first album – it’s also got this rather odd English, almost folk-music thing. It’s a very curious mix.”

He said Pink Floyd have a diverse fanbase age wise.

“It’s understandable because ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ was such a huge leap for us from being what was known as an underground band into being pretty over-ground. A lot of people think we kicked off with ‘The Dark Side of the Moon,’ that there was nothing else before.”

“Actually, the station of the band, there’s quite a lot of work leading up to it, ideas that have developed over the 5-6 years period.”


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