David Gilmour’s ex-wife: ‘It really was love at first sight’


I’d generally longed for that incident and when it did, it resembled, ‘Is it true that this is truly happening? What do I do?’ When he welcomed me to go along with him on visit and after that about-face to England with him, I didn’t waver. In any case, living in England was a genuine society stun. Woodley was a counterfeit Tudor house and it was so chilly.

The wind yelled through the windows and it resembled living in the components inside. Be that as it may, I survived it, since I was so enamored thus charmed by being in England with my knight in sparkling defensive layer. David was a great father. He held the infants, changed the nappies. He would do the 11pm sustain so I could get some rest.

He was dependably multi-tasking. In the parlor he’d sit in his recliner before the telly. He’d be strumming along on his acoustic guitar and listening to records in the meantime. The Floyd were never wild like the Who. Indeed, even their street team was very cultivated.


Be that as it may, when they got huge David went under huge weight from imaginative contrasts with the other band individuals. He held everything in, in his extremely English way.

He was peaceful, but since we had such an instinctive relationship, I knew how immense it was in his psyche and the impact that the dissolving of the band would have on his own life, his money related life and his vocation. I began to see that I really had two relational unions, one with David and one with the band.

David was a wonderful father. He held the babies, changed the nappies. He would do the 11pm feed so I could get some sleep

They needed to manage being hitched to their spouses and to each other, and when they separated as a band it got so exceptional that it inevitably pulverized all the individual relational unions, including our own.

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