Man Buys Pink Floyd’s ‘Meddle’ Vinyl and He Gets Startling Surprise


Comedian Ian Boldsworth got an unexpected surprise when he bought Pink Floyd’s seminal 1971 opus ‘Meddle’ on vinyl this morning.

The Warrington born funnyman, who used to go by the stage name Ray Peacock, purchased a second-hand copy of the record but it was only when he opened the sleeve at home that the surprise revealed itself.

Etched across the entire A-side – and hence ruining every track from ‘One of The Days’ to ‘Seamus’ – are the words ‘You 2-Timing B******’.

Clearly the original owner had been caught playing away from home and in a savage act of revenge had their prize possession vandalised by their (ex-)partner. Ouch.

Despite shelling out for the early pressing of ‘Meddle’, Ian fortunately found humour in the situation, writing: “I was laughing too much when I got this home from the record shop to be angry. Worth every penny.”

The lesson for Ian here is undoubtedly ALWAYS check your vinyl before you leave the record shop!

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