Interesting Claim: “Pink Floyd May Have Stolen Our Song”


According to a social media user who use “piflo” nickname claim that Pink Floyd’s “Learning To Fly” song might be stolen from Turkish Band “MFO”

MFO released their song “Bir Ordayim Bir Burda” on the year 1986 and Pink Floyd released to “Learning To Fly” on the year 1987.

Especially, intro sections of both songs are similar. What do you think about this claim? Decision is yours…



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Pink Floyd


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  1. Yep..Heck-David even made sure the french railway car jingle guys were paid for rattle that lock-way too good a guy to pull a stunt like that..

  2. Actually, the staring music sounds more similar to Kings of Leon’s – Sex is on Fire, than Learning to Fly.

  3. Is there any proof that they did not rip it off from Floyd? I mean, the similarity is too much coincidence.