Confirmed: Wait Is Over, The Legend Is Coming!


The Wait Is Over!

Yes, people, you saw that right. The legend David Gilmour has officially revealed that he’s going to be heading back into the studio. His most recent solo music album, Rattle That Lock, apparently has tons more unreleased music that David plans to feature on this subsequent LP.

“I feel very uncomfortable heading off out and doing another tour with out having made new music. There are several songs which are near being complete, which didn’t make it onto this album. I can’t see myself doing another tour without making another album first. That takes me a while. It took ten years last time. I I am really hoping that, without making any promises, it won’t take ten years this time, that I will get back in and begin working again. Following that, yeah, I’ll be out again.”

It is simply goes without saying that we as followers ought to get very, VERY excited about anything that David Gilmour plans to release. The man cranks out great music like Willy Wonka cranks out chocolate. Needless to say, whenever David Gilmour releases this new album, it will be year!

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