Breaking New: Roger Waters Has Just Posted Teaser Video for Upcoming “Us and Them” Project


Roger Waters has another new project in progress — regardless of the fact that he isn’t exactly ready to spill much in terms of details.

Roger Waters’ social media feeds sent out an Oct. 7 post alarming fans on the approaching landing of “Us + Them,” a forthcoming release “from the creative genius of Pink Floyd.” A release date — or even any kind of portrayal — were held out of the declaration, which just guaranteed “Us + Them” would come “soon.”

As Floyd fans are very much aware, “Us and Them” is a song from the band’s classic The Dark Side of the Moon LP. It made only direct advances on the graphs when it was discharged as the second single from the album, however it turned into a staple of the group’s live sets throughout the years; performances of “Us and Them” were included in the Pink Floyd concert show recordings Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse, and both Waters and Floyd guitarist David Gilmour have performed the song at shows in the years since their split.

The longest track on Dark Side, “Us and Them” could lend itself to any manner of different treatments, and whether the interactive media disapproved of Waters has a new recording or some sort of film in mind is anyone’s guess. The song’s lyrics reference a “battle of words,” making it hard not to at least wonder whether Waters is planning to release a re-recording timed to this year’s election — however we’ll simply need to sit back and watch.

Waters is at present between weekends at the all-star Desert Trip festival, and is booked to go to northern California toward the end of the month to take an interest in the current year’s Bridge School benefit show. to participate in this year’s Bridge School benefit show. He’s reportedly in the final stages of work on a new LP, presumably due in 2017, that he’s described as a concept album.

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