Pink Floyd References on The Simpsons


Here are some references to Pink Floyd from the Simpsons.

1. At the point when Homer discovers his center name he moves in with a few flower children that make juice. At the point when the juice is annihilated by Homer he repairs the juice with uncommon plants. As Flanders beverages the juice he sees red and black hammers. The hammers were from the Pink Floyd collection The Wall.

Pink Floyd on Simpsons 8

2. At the point when Bart makes his own particular T-Shirts one of them says Wish You Were Beer, a knock off of the Pink Floyd collection Wish You Were Here.

Pink Floyd on Simpsons 11

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Pink Floyd

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  1. I believe that it is Richar Gere who is a Buddhist, and I suppose he will do meditation etc.
    I’ve never heard Roger say that he did meditation