Roger Waters Recalls “Toxic” Pink Floyd Atmosphere – He Accused Gilmour and Wright!

Roger Waters says David Gilmour and Rick Wright dragged him down as a result of "they felt very insignificant"


Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has recalled the “toxic” atmosphere within the band – saying David Gilmour and Rick Wright tried to pull him down.

Waters left Floyd in 1985, having performed a number one position within the band for years following the departure of Syd Barrett.

Now he has accused Gilmour and Wright of creating him really feel inept within the band.

Waters tells Marc Maron’s WTF podcast: “The musical factor, I all the time felt insignificant and considerably inept. More lately, through the years, I’ve come to understand that truly I’ve quite a sophisticated musical mind and that I get quite a lot of issues that other people do not notice.”


Asked what helped him attain that realisation, Waters says: “Getting away from Pink Floyd I believe, I am serious, I actually think it was important that I got away when I did.

“It was a very toxic surroundings, when I was round some people – David and Rick mainly – who were all the time trying to drag me down and trying to knock me off no matter that perch was…by claiming that I was tone deaf and that I did not understand music. ‘Oh, he is just the boring teacher figure who tells us what to do, however he cannot tune his own guitar.’

“They had been very snotty and snipey as a result of they felt very insignificant I think. I am not putting them down. Those years that we were together, whatever it was like socially, there isn’t a question that we did some really good work together.”


Asked whether or not the band’s idea albums had been based mostly round his vision, Waters jokingly says: “I would not say that…however yeah it was!”

On what he sees as his contribution to the wider rock movement, Waters provides: “My major contribution to rock’n’roll, if you like – I’ve written some decent songs – was actually to develop the theatre of arena rock, which I did almost single-handedly back in the middle 70s.”

Waters has loved a successful solo profession since leaving Pink Floyd and he reunited with the band briefly for 2005’s Live 8 live performance in London’s Hyde Park. He’s presently engaged on a brand new solo album.

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