Presidential Candidate Of USA Wants Pink Floyd Reunion


Is the power of the White House enough to get Pink Floyd back together for one more show?

The undeniable response to that question is “certainly not,” but rather that isn’t going to stop Republican presidential confident John Kasich from doing his level best to rejoin the torpid gathering in the event that he winds up winning the 2016 election.  Kasich made his unexpected campaign pledge during a Feb. 1 interview with CNN, which you can watch above.

As the Ohio senator clarified, his unequaled most loved show was a stop on Roger Waters’ The Wall visit. “What’s more, in case I’m president,” he announced, “I am going to for the last time attempt to rejoin Pink Floyd to meet up and play a few melodies.” First on Kasich’s list of things to get for the gathering set: “Money” from 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon.


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Pink Floyd

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  1. I don’t mind if you tour with some Rolling Stones songs or Beatles songs or even some Elton John songs not to mention Led Zepelin as long as we get to see you together that’s what counts !